Custom Branding

Your TapSnap solution is 100% brandable

From photos to kiosk, we can customize every aspect of your experience. Pre-program your logo onto every photo, or add a tailor-made frame, designed to display all of your important information. Throw in a digital media wall to show even more logos. Don’t forget TapSnap’s valuable real estate either. We can wrap the entire kiosk with customizable skins to display your logo, event details, or sponsors. Not a company? Don’t have a logo? Don’t feel left out! We can create personalized logos and monograms, frames, media walls, and wraps for weddings, Mitzvahs, and Sweet 16’s. Display your important date, the guest of honor’s name, or have a cool logo made which captures your event’s theme.

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Green Screen

Interactive backgrounds create outstanding photos

Choose from our library of awesome green screen backgrounds or have us design one just for your event. You can even now add your guests to them! That’s right, create on the fly backdrops using your guests; that way everyone gets to pose with the guest of honor. Heck, pose with yourself if you want! We won’t judge you. We can also create digital Step-and-Repeats for corporate and red carpet events. Display your logo, event name and date, or your sponsors’ brands on a virtual media wall to help generate brand exposure as your guests share their photos on Facebook and Twitter.

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TapSnap Moves

Animated Backgrounds

Our newest animated green screen backgrounds, will make your photos (and your event) come alive!

Digital Props

Like physical props, but better

We still do your standard physical props, but we also offer digital props! Why? Giant cows and flying cats don’t make great physical props – they’re hard to transport and do not get along! Use our pre-made props or have us customize a selection for your event. You can also turn your guests into digital props! Just like with TapSnap’s green screen backgrounds, you can turn your guests into digital props to be strategically added to photos throughout your event. Now you can finally fulfill your life-long dream of creepily standing at the back of your own picture.

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Sharing Station

A sleek, multifunctional add-on to accelerate your event

Designed to help keep long lines moving at larger events, our Sharing Station features an iPad Air with Twitter, Facebook, and email connectivity. The Sharing Station amplifies the social media reach of your event by encouraging guests to share even more. They’ll have a great time scrolling through your branded photos to find their own, which they can share again and again at any point during your event.

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Animated GIFs

Become a mini movie star!

We won’t make you choose between our fun social media photo booth and our Animated GIFs, with TapSnap you can have both awesome features in one! Strike your four best poses which we’ll combine to create a looping animated image. You can then print your photo collage and instantly share your GIF online.


A live, crowd-sourced photofeed

See all of your TapSnap event photos, mixed with the Instagrams and tweets that feature your event hashtag, in a dynamic slideshow that is broadcast around your venue on TVs and projection screens. It’s a great way to get your guests engaged – they’re probably tweeting and Instagramming anyway, so why not put them to work for you?

Photo Prints

Unlimited prints, unlimited fun!

We give your guests unlimited 4”x6” photo lab-quality prints to take home as a memento of your special occasion. Choose from your standard print or compile your favorites into a collage. You can even add frames to make personalized party favors!

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